My hard drive crashed, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get on next. 


Hey guys. I’m on my mom’s laptop but I might not be able to get on for a long time. Sorry Emily, I probably lost your half-finished fic. Unless I can figure out how to hack through my mom’s password (she let me on to do research for physical therapy) I’m sort of stuck. Anyway, I’ll miss you guys and email me at addictedtoantics@gmail.com for my cell number—I may give it to you if we talk a lot. Luckily my phone gets email.

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My hard drive crashed, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get on next. 


Hey guys. I’m on my mom’s laptop but I might not be able to get on for a long time. Sorry Emily, I probably lost your half-finished fic. Unless I can figure out how to hack through my mom’s password (she let me on to do research for physical therapy) I’m sort of stuck. Anyway, I’ll miss you guys and email me at addictedtoantics@gmail.com for my cell number—I may give it to you if we talk a lot. Luckily my phone gets email.

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pauldierden said:  What are your thoughts on classifying trans people as having Gender Identity Disorder? I'm still a bit new to intersectionality and not exactly sure what to think of it, and I know that if there's anyone to ask, it's you.

Oh, I think it is a very bad thing. Trans* peoples’ gender identities aren’t disordered—the label is transphobic and heteronormative. Why? Because GID suggests that people are wrong when they don’t ID as the assigned gender that matches their sex organs.

Here’s a site dedicated to stopping trans* pathologization.

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We Did Not Sell Each Other Into Slavery 



The single most effective White propaganda assertion that continues to make it very difficult for us to reconstruct the African social systems of mutual trust broken down by U.S. Slavery is the statement, unqualified, that, “We sold each other into slavery.” Most of us have accepted this statement as true at its face value. It implies that parents sold their children into slavery to Whites, husbands sold their wives, even brothers and sisters selling each other to the Whites. It continues to perpetuate a particularly sinister effluvium of Black character. But deep down in the Black gut, somewhere beneath all the barbecue ribs, gin and whitewashed religions, we know that we are not like this.
This singular short tart claim, that “We sold each other into slavery”, has maintained in a state of continual flux our historical basis for Black-on-Black self love and mutual cooperation at the level of Class. Even if it is true (without further clarification) that we sold each other into slavery, this should not absolve Whites of their responsibility in our subjugation. We will deal with Africa if need be.

The period from the beginning of the TransAtlantic African Slave so-called Trade (1500) to the demarcation of Africa into colonies in the late 1800s is one of the most documented periods in World History. Yet, with the exception of the renegade African slave raider Tippu Tip of the Congo (Muslim name, Hamed bin Muhammad bin Juna al-Marjebi) who was collaborating with the White Arabs (also called Red Arabs) there is little documentation of independent African slave raiding. By independent is meant that there were no credible threats, intoxicants or use of force by Whites to force or deceive the African into slave raiding or slave trading and that the raider himself was not enslaved to Whites at the time of slave raiding or “trading”. Trade implies human-to-human mutuality without force. This was certainly not the general scenario for the TransAtlantic so-called Trade in African slaves. Indeed, it was the Portuguese who initiated the European phase of slave raiding in Africa by attacking a sleeping village in 1444 and carting away the survivors to work for free in Europe.

Even the case of Tippu Tip may well fall into a category that we might call the consequences of forced cultural assimilation via White (or Red) Arab Conquest over Africa. Tippu Tip s father was a White (or Red) Arab slave raider, his mother an unmixed African slave. Tip was born out of violence, the rape of an African woman. It is said that Tip, a “mulatto”, was merciless to Africans.

The first act against Africa by Whites was an unilateral act of war, announced or unannounced. There were no African Kings or Queens in any of the European countries nor in the U.S. when ships set sail for Africa to capture slaves for profit. Whites had already decided to raid for slaves. They didn’t need our agreement on that. Hence, there was no mutuality in the original act. The African so-called slave “trade” was a demand-driven market out of Europe and America, not a supply-driven market out of Africa. We did not seek to sell captives to the Whites as an original act. Hollywood’s favorite is showing Blacks capturing Blacks into slavery, as if this was the only way capture occurred. There are a number of ways in which capture occurred. Let’s dig a little deeper into this issue.

Chancellor Williams, in his classic work, The Destruction of Black Civilization, explains that after the over land passage of African trade had been cut off at the Nile Delta by the White Arabs in about 1675 B.C. (the Hyksos), the Egyptian/African economy was thrown into a recession.


Bolding mine.

Gonna highlight a comment from the linked article:

Just because Blacks sold other Blacks into slavery, does not mean that Whites are less culpable. Blame is not quantifiable and just because your friend rapes a little girl does not excuse you from doing so. Beware Whites evading ethics.

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Anonymous said:  When someone says "Transwoman" does that mean someone who identifies as a woman or someone who has lady parts?

Someone who identifies as a woman, regardless of their sex organs.

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suchwonderfulthings reblogged your post: A letter I sent to Food Network after I saw live lobsters tortured and killed on TV.

I have great respect for vegans and vegetarians but heartily disagree with this open letter. Lobsters cannot perceive…

It’s just not true that they can’t feel the pain. Lobsters actually have highly sophisticated nervous systems, which means when they scrape at the pot edges, flailing around before they die, they are trying to escape from what is basically torture.

Also, before they even showed lobsters boiled to death, a chef chopped on in half. According to invertebrate zoologist Jaren G. Horsley:

The lobster does not have an autonomic nervous system that puts it into a state of shock when it is harmed. It probably feels itself being cut. … I think the lobster is in a great deal of pain from being cut open … [and] feels all the pain until its nervous system is destroyed.

Lobsters have “a full array of senses,” reports neurobiologist Tom Abrams.

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hey howard dean, i loved you but shame shame shame shame shame 

fuck you for lobbying and taking money from the fucking mek, a terrorist group.

also on the list is my old governor, ed rendell.

these people need to be arrested—that’s MASSIVELY illegal.

from greenwald:

Yet we have the most well-connected national security and military officials in Washington doing far more than all of that right out in the open — they’re receiving large payments from a Terrorist group, meeting with its leaders, attending their meetings, and then advocating for them in very public forums; Howard Dean, after getting paid by the group, actually called for MEK’s leader to be recognized as the legitimate President of Iran – and so far none have been prosecuted or even indicted. The Treasury Department investigation must at least scare them. Thus, like most authoritarians, Fran Townsend suddenly discovers the importance of the very political liberties she’s helped assault now that those Constitutional protections are necessary to protect herself from prosecution. It reminds me quite a bit of how former Democratic Rep. Jane Harman — one of the most reliable advocates for Bush’s illegal spying program — suddenly startedsounding like a life-long, outraged ACLU member as soon as it was revealed that her own private communications were legally surveilled by the U.S. Government.

One can reasonably debate whether MEK actually belongs on the list of Terrorist organizations (the same is true for several other groups on that list). But as a criminal matter, that debate is irrelevant. The law criminalizes the providing of material support to any group on that list, and it is not a defense to argue after one gets caught that the group should be removed.

Moreover, the argument that MEK does not belong on the Terrorist list — always a dubious claim —  has suffered a serious blow in the last couple of months. An NBC News report from Richard Engel and Robert Windrem in February claimed that it was MEK which perpetrated the string of assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, and that the Terrorist group “is financed, trained and armed by Israel’s secret service” (MEK denied the report). If true, it means that MEK continues to perpetrate definitive acts of Terrorism: using bombs and guns to kill civilian scientists and severely injure their wives. Yet Townsend, Rendell, Dean, Giuliani and other well-paid friends continue to be outspoken advocates of the group. Even the dissenters in Humanitarian Law argued that the First Amendment would allow “material support” prosecution “when the defendantknows or intends that those activities will assist the organization’s unlawful terrorist actions.” A reasonable argument could certainly be advanced that, in light of these recent reports about MEK’s Terrorism, one who takes money from the group and then advocates for its removal from the Terrorist list “knows or intends that those activities will assist the organization’s unlawful terrorist actions”: a prosecutable offense even under the dissent’s far more limited view of the statute.

this is why we can’t have nice things.

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tw: rape, lynching 







Why are the things that Ida B. Wells wrote about 120 years ago in reference to white people lynching black folks still relevant today?

I’m not sure if this is derailing. If it is, I will take it down and apologize.

We read this in my gender and sexuality studies class, and it was sad how relevant I found it to dialogues I heard in response to my interracial relationship. It is STILL a worry that white women will accuse their black boyfriends of rape/assault and have them thrown away for nothing. This happened to one of my boyfriend’s relatives. THIS SHIT STILL HAPPENS.

It still hits me that this was written 120 years ago, but the exact same things still happen to this day. The accusations, the rush to judgement, and the murders still happen. It seems like the only real thing that’s changed is technology. Now, instead of hanging folks with ropes, they just cut straight to shooting us.

Another really big thing that smacks me in the face is that Ida B. Wells, a woman who died 81 years ago, was more aware of intersectionality than most of the “feminists” walking around today. I cannot tell you the countless amount of times White Feminists™ have tried to “teach” me or other PoC about intersectonality. Ida B. Wells is proof that we have been doing this shit for centuries! They’re the ones who are just now jumping on the bandwagon.

I agree with everything you just stated. I think another main difference between how it happened back then and how it’s happening now is that our new colorblind racism is making it an offense to talk about it. The same old shit is happening, but we have to hide it better and make sure people never speak of it. And if we call people out, we become reverse racist.

And YES, I hate this so much. I’m not sure how us white women honestly think we’d know more about intersectionality than WoC.

You hit the nail on the head with the bolded. A few people I follow were discussing just last week how the whole “always believe the victim” thing becomes a bit problematic when it comes to white women accusing black men of rape. They went into detail about the history of white men lynching black men who supposedly looked at/talked to/touched/had sex with white women.

Look at the case of Emmett Till. He was hung, shot, beaten, and then thrown in a river for whistling at a white woman. Then there’s the Tulsa Oklahoma Race Riots. That started because Dick Rowland, a black shoe shiner, stepped on the foot of Sarah Page, a white elevator operator. She screamed out in pain, but the next day the media reported that he tried to rape her. By 7:30 that night, a mob of white men had gathered at the courthouse to lynch Dick Rowland. When they weren’t allowed to do that, they marched through the black part of town and burnt everything to the ground. Estimates of how many people died that night range from 50 to 300.

They talked about all of this, but the only thing some White Feminists™ saw was someone saying “you shouldn’t believe rape victims.” That wasn’t even a fraction of the conversation, but it’s the only thing they latched on to. The next thing I know people are being called “reverse racist,” misogynistic, sexist, rape apologists, just all types of bullshit. Had the White Feminists™ taken their heads out of their asses for 5 minutes they wouldn’t have made complete fools of themselves, but no. They couldn’t do that. Reading is just too damn hard.

About the Tulsa Race Riots: A lot of people say it’s higher than 300. Tulsa was big even then.

That anon that talked about the race riots needs to get in touch with me. The great thing is, the side of town destroyed by the riots NEVER rebuilt again. Now whites have come in, bought it up and torn it down and built a cartoonish looking repro that just pisses off anyone who knew what “black wallstreet” used to look like.

I also live in Tulsa. I learned most of what I know from my parents and their folks who lived through it; one of my great cousins, who couldn’t speak english so I don’t know who translated her story, was in Tulsa at the time and barely made it out. She ran along the railroad tracks to reach her hometown of Taft, Muskogee. She wasn’t the only one. A lot more blacks ran to Taft and never came back to Tulsa and black Tulsa was never the same. In the coming years black migration would skip Tulsa and go straight to Kansas City after WWII.

Today we all live with that. Mass graves all over the place and we don’t know where and they just do not acknowledge that something terrible happened and altered a community forever.

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A letter I sent to Food Network after I saw live lobsters tortured and killed on TV. 

To the intern/customer service rep/poor schmuck who has to take these comments:

Hi. I’m Cate. I hope you’re doing well today. I recognize that you are not a producer of Food Network shows, and while I’m disappointed that I can’t find a more direct line to The Powers That Be, I know it’s not your fault. So this really isn’t directed at you.

I’m a vegan—and I know what you’re probably thinking. “Oh, for the love of God, another one of these people with their nagging and holier-than-thou shit.” Believe me, I understand. I’m a very tolerant vegan, meaning I don’t snap at the repetitive “I was vegetarian today—except for that steak!” jokes or even blame people for eating meat. Honestly, I loved meat. 

And I’m not going to tell you why Food Network supports the mass murder of animals, because if you’re a regular human living in the US (or wherever; I’m not a xenophobe) then you probably have a pet or at least like visiting the zoo. You know that you’re eating animals when you eat meat. Animals that lived and breathed and felt emotions and most likely spent their lives in pretty piss poor conditions—everyone knows that meat doesn’t grow on trees.

I felt like watching TV with my dad tonight, because we fight a lot and I just wanted to spend time with him. So we watched Chopped because he loves that show, and I find it slightly mediocre but, like all reality TV, pretty damn entertaining. 

It was fine until they got to the live lobsters. I don’t know if people realize this, but dropping human beings into large vats of boiling water is considered torture by most countries. I get it; lobsters aren’t human beings. Alright.

But what if I dropped your dog (or cat or guinea pig—hey, some people think those are delicacies, too!) into a boiling vat of water? Maybe a lobster doesn’t have adorable puppy wuppy eyes, or cuddle with you on the sofa (before clawing your eyes out—with love and affection) or eat snap peas from your palm, but they’re just as alive as your pet. And they deserve to be AT LEAST given a modicum of dignity. This living creature is losing its life in a most painful way so that you can have a meal. 

I cried for a half hour after I saw that. And the one chef who sort of hesitated to kill the lobster did so not because she felt any real empathy but because she doesn’t like lobsters.

I’m not saying that the Food Network should stop preparing meat. But I think that maybe a little less animal cruelty might convince me that the folks running the shows and reading the scripts aren’t sociopaths. Maybe host a vegetarian/vegan episode of Chopped—whole foods and fresh produce can be glorious when prepared well, and I think it takes a really flexible chef to veer away from the same old meat dishes. 

Do something different for a change. Or slaughter all the animals you use on TV. 

I bet you’d get major ratings.

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White privilege is explaining away Somali piracy as petty crime when it is actually a defense against THEIR governments dumping waste on the shores of fishermen whose family depends on the income from what they capture, which is nothing when all the fish have nuclear poisoning. 

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